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Flexibility. Balance. Strength.

About Spring Pilates

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About me

I am certified Classical Pilates teacher having trained with Holly Murray at Pi Studios in London, England.

I have a strong passion for helping individuals improve their overall health
and wellness through movement. 

I strive to create an individual session for all my clients whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner. I am dedicated to helping set and achieve your goals and most importantly to improve your quality of life for your future.

I truly believe that Pilates is for everyone!


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Hayley Williams

I have practised Pilates myself throughout my adult life and have experienced first-hand the incredible impact Pilates can have on the body, from improving flexibility and balance to strength for the foundation that we rely on every day, our body.

Classically Trained Pilates Instructor

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Olivia Nixon

Pilates gave Olivia a chance to heal, strengthen and above all it’s brought the joy of movement back into her life.


She is also a strong believer in Pilates building personal confidence.

After suffering from a debilitating prolapsed disc Olivia found Pilates seemed to be the only exercise that didn’t seem to aggravate the injury. She chose to take matters in her own hands and train as a Pilates instructor at Pi Studios under Holly Murray where she also now teaches.

Outside of Pilates Olivia works as an actress, writer and comic and has found that focusing on The Method, breath and movement gives her time to centre physically and more importantly, mentally - which in this 21st century is far too rare!


Pilates allows you to be in the now.

Olivia's comic tendencies guarantee you’re also never short of a smile.

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